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Vancouver Best Ceviche

Ceviche Vancouver is one of the most popular dishes in Latino America. The most popular versions are the Peruvian Ceviche and the Mexican Ceviche. When a costumer is looking for Ceviche in Vancouver one of the best choices is Mangos Kitchen Bar in the heart of Downtown. Mangos Menu has both Ceviches and we are proud to say that the flavour and presentation of the dishes are the original version of each country. We recommend to try both and have the real experience of the ceviche in Vancouver.​


Ceviche Peruano is a citrus-infused raw seafood dish popularize in Peru but found in many coastal areas of Latin America. The appetizer or main course consists of super fresh fish marinated in fresh lime juice and served with thinly sliced red onion and sweet potato, corn or yuca.

Mangos Kitchen Bar serves this Ceviche everyday of the week


Ceviche Mexicano is essentially a seafood cocktail using fresh fish that is marinated or “cooked” in a large amount of lime juice. It also includes tomatoes, onion, cilantro and some form of spice or pepper. We love bulking it up with fresh diced cucumber and diced avocado.

This dish will represent ( Ceviche Canada ) Mangos Kitchen Bar 

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Mangos kitchen bar is an authentic and homestyle Latin American and Mexican restaurant in Vancouver Downtown.

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