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Weekend Brunch Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-4pm

  • Huevos Rancheros
    Huevos Rancheros $13.95

    2 corn tortillas with refried beans,fresh salsa (pico de gallo) topped with 2 fried eggs, cilantro and a side of green salsa.

  • Huevos Divorciados
    Huevos Divorciados $13.95

    2 fried eggs and 2 types of salsas – one red and one green on their own side, served alongside corn tortilla chips, refried beans and a side of avocado.

  • Tacos
    Tacos $14.95

    Carnitas, Steak, Pastor, Veggie

  • Birria Tacos
    Birria Tacos $16.95

    Birria tacos (steak slightly spicy) with consome. Add cheese + $3

  • Chilaquiles
    Chilaquiles $14.95

    Fried corn tortillas simmered in a flavourful green sauce, topped with 1 fried egg, cheese, cilantro, onion and sour cream. Add protein +5 (steak, pork or chicken).

  • Quesabirria
    Quesabirria $19.95

    Flour tortilla filled with cheese and steak (slightly spicy) topped with onion and cilantro, a side of green salsa and lime.

  • Birria soup
    Birria soup $19.95

    Consome with meat (steak slightly spicy) side of tortillas, cilantro, limes and onion.

  • Burrito Divorciado
    Burrito Divorciado $19.95

    Burrito topped with half green salsa and half red salsa and sour cream stuffed with mexican rice,guac, beans, cheese, your choice of protein or vegetarian and pico de gallo.

  • Burrito Bowl 18.95

    Mexican rice, guac, beans, cheese and pico de gallo and your choice of protein.

  • Tamal Criollo
    Tamal Criollo $12.95

    Tamal is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa, a dough made from nixtamalized corn, which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaves.

  • Nachos Perrones
    Nachos Perrones $19.95

    (2-4p) Corn tortilla chips, pinto bean, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream. Add any protein for $5 (Beef, cilantro chicken, pork).

  • Lomo Saltado
    Lomo Saltado 21.95

    A traditional Peruvian dish. A stir fry that typically combines marinated strips of beef steak with onions, tomatoes, fries and other ingredients with a side of rice and fries.

  • Sancocho 19.95

    Beef, yuca and a mix of vegetables, served with rice and avocado.

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Mangos kitchen bar is an authentic and homestyle Latin American and Mexican restaurant in Vancouver Downtown.

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